Mango - 8 Bars
Mango - 8 Bars
Mango - 8 Bars
Mango - 8 Bars

Mango - 8 Bars

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  • The Mango protein bar is made with organic dried mango, dates, whey protein isolate, almonds, and a whole lotta love.
  • Artisan/handcrafted protein bars made here in the USA.
  • Our protein bars are convenient and nutritious, and they're a delicious snack for people who are active, and on the go.
  • Box of 8 protein bars.
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6 months from the date that they're made.

Depending on the bar they can be anywhere between 210 - 220 calories. Nutrition information and ingredients can be found under each Realbar's product page.

Yes they are. You can find all nutritional information within each bar's product page.

The sugar is found in the dates and fruit, if that product contains fruit. But otherwise no added sugar.