The 3 Root Causes of Anxiety

It's important to understand the causes of anxiety if you wish to conquer it.

It's not enough to simply mend the surface and make yourself feel good right now. You have to dig deep and find out where it's coming from. This way you can remove the anxiety by it's roots so that it doesn't come back again. Think of it like pulling out the weeds in your yard.

Luckily the root causes of anxiety are very simple, so that once you pinpoint it you can immediately begin the healing process.

Read on to find out where your anxiety is coming from and practical solutions for it!



Much of the time causes of anxiety are linked to our fear of losing something.

We could lose our jobs, the respect of our friends, the love of our significant other or family, the list goes on. And it's these potential losses that build up the anxiety and stress that we feel, which in turn stops us from going after something.

We decide that it's better to not try something new in order to hold onto what we have, because if we do try and fail it could flip our life upside down.

Solution: Ask yourself, "What am I afraid of losing?"

Once you find that out, then decide if this fear is legitimate.

Ask yourself, "Why am I afraid of losing it, and is this something that I should truly be afraid of?"

More often than not our fear will make something look scarier than it actually is. Our minds will play tricks on us and blow it out of proportion. So it's crucial to be aware of this so that when anxiety shows up, we can take a step back from it, watch it, and logically decide whether this is a reasonable fear or not.



Not feeling like we're good enough is another one of the causes of anxiety.

We believe that something is going to be too hard and that we don't have the necessary skill level to succeed. Because of this we decide to play it safe. The problem with this perspective is that it keeps us from growing. It keeps us from facing our fears and we end up never overcoming them.

The truth is that you are more capable then you may give yourself credit for.

How many times in your life have you been faced with having to do something that you weren't very good at initially, but worked hard for it and now you're actually good at it?

The first time you tried to ride a bicycle, you weren't very good at it. But you kept on and now it's no longer hard for you. The same goes for having to learn a new skill at work. You didn't know how to do it initially, but now you do.

Solution: Ask yourself, "Why do I feel like I'm not good enough to succeed at this?"

Once you figure out the WHY then ask yourself, "What can I do to in order to succeed?"

There are many support groups, websites, books, training videos, and people who have succeeded that can help you. And always remember to remind yourself that there have been many things in your life that you were not good at initially, but you are now.



This root ties the other two causes of anxiety together.

Whenever we try something that we are not particularly good at, there is a chance that we will not succeed. The negative feeling that could come as a result of that, is arguably one of the strongest causes of anxiety.

We fear that we may end up disappointing ourselves or the people around us. We could lose respect and end up feeling like we're not good enough in the end.

It's the negative emotions that we do not like, and it's what we most fear because no one wants to feel bad about themselves.

Solution: Ask yourself, "Who am I afraid of disappointing?"

Then ask, "Why am I afraid of disappointing them, and is this truly something that I should be worried about?"

You need to decide for yourself if this feeling of disappointment is worth it. If it's not, then you will need to change your values.

Is what someone thinks of you more important, or is it more important that you try something regardless of if you succeed or not? Is it more important that you take the initiative to face your anxiety, or is it more important to stay in your comfort zone?

Just remember that caring what other people think and staying in your comfort zone will never bring you fulfillment in life. It will never allow you to take control of the anxiety.

It's only when we turn and face the anxiety head on, that we can truly succeed and feel good about ourselves.